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How to Get From Bangkok to Pattaya – All 4 Travel Options

With no flights or train from Bangkok to Pattaya, you’re likely looking for the best, cheapest or quickest alternatives. In this guide on how to get from Bangkok to Pattaya, we’ll clearly lay out all your options from budget-friendly public buses to swift private transfers and more! 

Transport from Bangkok to Pattaya will seem easy peasy after reading this and you’ll be on your way to Pattaya’s fun-in-the-sun beaches in no time. 

What’s the Bangkok to Pattaya Distance?

The distance from Bangkok to Pattaya by road is just 150km making the beachside city a popular day trip or longer escape from the busy capital. 

We’ve taken this journey by car and bus on multiple occasions. Depending on traffic and mode of transport, the time it takes to drive from Bangkok to Pattaya is usually between 2 and 3 hours. 

Man buying bus ticket at Pattaya bus station
Collecting our online-purchased bus ticket.

But if you’re coming from Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport to Pattaya, distance is cut down to 125km with a duration of just 1.5 hours. This is due to missing out on the traffic-heavy streets while getting out of downtown Bangkok. 

1 – Bus to Pattaya From Bangkok

There are three starting points when considering Bangkok to Pattaya by bus, making for more convenience depending on where you’re staying in Bangkok or where you’re coming from. 

  • Ekamai to Pattaya 
  • Mo Chit to Pattaya
  • Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Pattaya 

All three starting points are served by Roong Reuang Coach (RRC) company with a huge fleet of clean and airconditioned coaches. 

Passengers boarding the Bangkok to Pattaya bus.
Passengers boarding the Bangkok to Pattaya bus at Ekamai.

Our tips when traveling on the RRC buses from Bangkok to Pattaya:

  • Book tickets in advance on to prevent long waiting times at bus stations. Bear in mind that online purchases close at 7pm (Bangkok time) each day.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before your bus departs to allow time to check in at the check-in counter. 
  • Bring a warm item of clothing as the bus air conditioning can be super strong.
  • No non-sealed drinks are allowed on buses. We often hide our iced coffees when boarding!
  • All buses have toilets but are not easy to use when en route. Thailand’s not-so-great quality of roads can be pretty bumpy. And no tissue is provided. 

Bus from Ekamai to Pattaya

When Pinky feels too tired to drive to Pattaya, taking the Ekamai to Pattaya bus is our preferred choice. The Ekamai Bus Station is only one stop on the BTS from our rental condo in Bangkok so it’s the next fastest and cheapest way for us to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya. 

The Ekamai Bus Terminal is located right next to Ekamai’s BTS station on Sukhumvit Road. When exiting the BTS train, simply follow the signs to the bus station. This is the most central of all Bangkok to Pattaya bus terminals. 

Ekamai Bus Station in Bangkok
Ekamai Bus Station from outside.

Buses from Ekamai to Pattaya leave every 20 minutes or so and tickets can be bought on the day at the station’s Roong Reuang Coach (RRC) ticket booth or on a booking site such as The Ekamai bus from Bangkok to Pattaya price is just 131 baht. 

We recommend booking in advance if traveling on a weekend or during a holiday, otherwise, you might find yourself having to wait an hour or two for the next available seat on the day. 

From Ekamai, the bus to Pattaya is usually 2.5 hours with no stops unless they need to refuel. 

People queing to buy tickets for the Bangkok to Pattaya bus.
The ticket counter for the Ekamai to Pattaya bus.

The Ekamai to Pattaya bus terminates at the North Pattaya Bus Terminal on North Pattaya Road. From there to your accommodation you can jump on a motorbike taxi, shared songthaew or book a taxi using Grab or Bolt apps. There are no metered taxis waiting here. 

  • Price – 131 baht (slightly more if booking online)
  • Duration – 2.5 hours
  • Transport – Ekamai BTS
  • Terminates – North Pattaya Bus Terminal  

Bus from Mo Chit to Pattaya 

The Mo Chit to Pattaya Bus station is located north of Bangkok city center near the popular Chatuchak Weekend Market. We’d only recommend using the Mo Chit bus station if you happen to be staying closer to that area than Ekamai, or if you’ve arrived in Thailand at Don Mueang International Airport. 

The area is served by both the BTS and MRT lines but unfortunately, the stations are not situated next to Mo Chit Bus Terminal.

Passengers boarding the Bangkok to Pattaya bus.
In line to board the Bangkok to Pattaya bus.

Both Mo Chit BTS and Chatuchak Park MRT stations are on the other side of Chatuchak Park so you’ll either have to make the sweaty walk through the park or jump in a quick taxi, which there are plenty of in that area. 

If you’re coming from Don Mueang International Airport then the Mo Chit bus station is conveniently connected to the Red Line Airport Train and only six stations apart. Get off the train at Bang Sue Grand Central Station and follow the signs to Mo Chit Bus Station.

You can also pick up one of the many metered taxis from Don Mueang which would not take more than 20 minutes to reach Mo Chit. 

Passengers inside the bus from Bangkok to Pattaya
Inside one of the buses from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Once you’re at Mo Chit Bus Station, the same applies in terms of booking your ticket as it does at Ekamai Bus Station – at the ticket booth on the day or in advance online. Buses are just as frequent and the journey time from Mo Chit to Pattaya is again, around 2.5 hours.  

The Mo Chit Bus also terminates at the North Pattaya Bus Terminal. 

  • Price – 131 baht (slightly more if booking online)
  • Duration – 2.5 hours
  • Transport – Mo Chit BTS, Chatuchak Park MRT, Bang Sue Grand Station (Red Line)
  • Terminates – North Pattaya Bus Terminal  

Bus From Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Pattaya 

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is the only airport with a direct bus to Pattaya. This makes it super-easy if Pattaya is your first or only stop when coming to Thailand. 

Once you’ve gone through immigration and collected your luggage, head to the Roong Reuang Coach (RRC) bus ticket counter on level 1, Gate 8. 

A very busy North Pattaya Bus Station
Leaving Pattaya on a Sunday afternoon bus back to Bangkok can get busy!

A seat will cost 143 baht so only a fraction more than Ekamai and Mo Chit buses. 

The main difference when taking the Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Pattaya bus is it terminates at the Jomtien Bus Station instead of North Pattaya.

If you’re staying in Jomtien check out our list of the best things to do in Jomtien!

But that’s not such a big deal if you’re staying in central Pattaya because Jomtien Station is only a few minutes away by motorbike taxi, songthaew, or Grab/Bolt.

woman and man selfie on bus from Bangkok to Pattaya

Plus, this bus journey is only 1.5 hours saving a massive 1 hour when compared to alternative Bangkok to Pattaya bus routes

  • Price – 143 baht (slightly more if booking online)
  • Duration – 1.5 hours
  • Transport – NA
  • Terminates – Jomtien Bus Terminal  

2 – Taxi From Bangkok to Pattaya

There are likely numerous Bangkok to Pattaya taxi companies but in this guide, we’re going to recommend only the one company we have used on a few occasions and experienced no issues at all – Easy Taxi. 

Downtown Bangkok to Pattaya by taxi is simple and affordable with Easy Taxi, offering a door-to-door service no matter where your location in Bangkok or your final destination in Pattaya. 

When using a taxi company the Bangkok to Pattaya travel time will be a bit quicker than the bus. We usually drive to Pattaya in around 2 hours from Bangkok city center. But that’s if the roads are clear.

With traffic, it can obviously take more travel time. Traffic is more common on holidays and festival weekends when there’s a rush of domestic tourists from Bangkok seeking a day or two by the beach. 

Easy Taxi’s Bangkok to Pattaya taxi fare is just 1400 baht at the time of writing this guide. Their cars are modern, clean, and always on time. In fact, in our experience, they’re usually early!

The price is for the car which can hold up to 4 people, making it very reasonable if you’re a family or group of friends. 

Easy Taxi are best contacted via Facebook Messenger and are usually quick to respond. But don’t expect same-day bookings to be available as they are a very popular taxi service offering more routes than just Pattaya.

They have a fleet of 200 taxis but it’s still best to book your Bangkok to Pattaya taxi a few days in advance if possible. 

3 – Bangkok to Pattaya Transfer from the Airport

Want to know how to get from Bangkok airport to Pattaya? It’s easy to book your Bangkok to Pattaya transfer from either of the city’s two airports. Simply book with Easy Taxi like you would if coming from Downtown Bangkok.

Easy Taxi also offers an airport pick-up service to Pattaya at the same price of 1400 baht per car.

Taxi rank at Bangkok Airport

But hey, it’s wise to compare prices with what your Pattaya hotel might offer for their own airport transfer. Any decent hotel of 3 stars or more should offer an airport pick-up service but in our experience, they are usually more expensive than booking with a taxi company directly. 

Bigger hotels are unlikely to have their own drivers so will simply use taxi companies and charge extra to make some commission. If you’re staying in a smaller hotel or guest house, they might have their own driver who can pick you up at a more cost-friendly rate. 

4 – Bangkok to Pattaya Minivan

You might have heard about the possibility of a Bangkok to Pattaya minivan. The rumors are true but this is not a way we would recommend when considering how to go from Bangkok and Pattaya. 

We used to travel to Pattaya this way before we learned of the Roong Reuang Coach company and although the prices are very similar (around 100 baht), taking the bus to Pattaya is far more comfortable. 

A minivan to Pattaya will always be full so expect to be seated with 12 or so other travelers plus everyone’s luggage. If you get unlucky and join a group of backpackers, the van will be a squeeze at best with all those backpacks on board. 

A minivan at Ekamai Bus Station in Bangkok
A minivan at Ekamai Bus Station in Bangkok

Another reason we don’t recommend a minivan from Bangkok to Pattaya is because more often than not, the driver will take a couple of detours to drop off random packages or pick up extra passengers from locations off-route. It’s quite common for the journey time in a minivan to take 3 hours because of the extra stops. 

If this still hasn’t put you off and you want to save a few baht, then you can jump in a minivan to Pattaya from any of the previously mentioned bus stations. There are usually a number of minivan counters so pick any of them, they’re all the same, and ask them where their drop-off points are in Pattaya.

The drop-off points are usually shopping malls and beaches. If you’re lucky to get a kind driver, he might agree to drop you at your hotel if it’s on his route. 

Our Final Word…

So, we’ve covered all the transport options on how to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya. Of course, you could always drive to Pattaya in your own hire car. If you take the tollway from Bangkok to Pattaya, it’s a very easy route to drive.

Just stay alert as Thai driving isn’t the best in the world. Many Thai drivers take risks that you wouldn’t see in the West so accidents are common. And many drivers do not follow the two-car-space rule from the car in front so pile-ups more easily occur. 

If you’d rather play it safe sat behind a more experienced Bangkok to Pattaya driver, then take the bus to keep it cheap or use Easy Taxi for some private comfort. 

We hope this article has helped you find your best way to get from Bangkok to Pattaya and we’ll see you on Pattaya beach! 


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