Full size plane and stalls at Runway Market Pattaya

Our 7 Best Night Markets in Pattaya & Jomtien

One of our favorite things to do in Pattaya on any day of the week is to eat, drink, and shop at one of the many night markets in Pattaya. The food is cheap, local, and delicious and the beer always flows. What’s not to love about Pattaya night markets?! 

Every night market in Pattaya is different, each with its own food choices, vibe, decor, and sometimes live music.

But night markets are not found in only Pattaya City. Jomtien Beach has seen several new night markets open up this past year so we urge you to venture outside of the city center for even more of the best night markets and street food in Pattaya. 

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1 – Thepprasit Night Market

Housed in a huge open-air but covered warehouse, Thepprasit Road Night Market is our favorite night market in Pattaya for foodies. The Thai food here is simply amazing and the market offers the widest selection of food stalls. 

Woman at Thepprasit Night Market Pattaya
Pinky ready to shop at Thepprasit Night Market

Our go-to is one of the two large Thai buffet stalls. Both stalls have around 50 dishes laid out on the table. With your serving of steamed rice, you can mix and match with any of the dishes on display. From a selection of colorful Thai curries to sweet and spicy fried fish, you’ll likely go back for more. 

Woman with buffet food stall at Thepprasit Night Market Pattaya
Pinky choosing her Thai dishes at Thepprasit Night Market.

But it’s not only Thai food on the menu at Thepprasit Night Market – you’ll also find international dishes such as fresh Sushi, crispy Korean Fried Chicken and newly sliced beef Kebabs.

Thepprasit Night Market is also a shopping haven with both stalls inside the main market and more spilling out onto the nearby car park. 

Location Map

2 – Runway Street Food

For a totally different Pattaya night market experience, we encourage you to spend an evening at Runway Street Food Pattaya. Not only does this night market sell some of the best street food in Pattaya, but it’s also set under a full-size shell of a Jumbo Jet! 

Eating in the shadow of this aviation giant is a unique dining venture and an excellent Instagram opportunity.  

Jumbo Jet at Runway Night Market Pattaya
The impressive Jumbo Jet at Runway Night Market!

But it’s not all about the dominating plane, the food here is great too and the vibe is pretty buzzy. It’s located on Pattaya Second Road with some bars and nightclubs as neighbors.

So, there’s nothing stopping you from extending your night out after you’ve stuffed your face with mango and sticky rice. There are even a couple of small night market bars here for some pre-drinking. 

Location Map

3 – Soi Buakhao Night Market

We wouldn’t classify Soi Buakhao as a standalone night market in Pattaya, but it’s still worth including it on this list because it’s a well-known market area.

While all the other Pattaya night markets are set in one dedicated space, Soi Buakhao Night Market is dotted along the popular nightlife area of, well, Soi Buakhao!

Tree Town night market Pattaya
One of the Sois off Soi Buakhao.

There are a couple of spots on Soi Buakhao such as the foodcourt-like Tree Town that offer night market street food with tables to dine at.

But the rest of the food stalls are found along the surrounding streets among the area’s 100s of bars. So it’s more of a grab-and-eat-on-the-go kind of night market. 

Aside from Tree Town, the rest of the food stalls have a much more local flavor so don’t appeal too much to international travelers. Not to me anyway – chicken feet are not my cup of tea!

Tree Town food court on Soi Buakhao Pattaya
Tree Town food court on Soi Buakhao.

You’ll find most of the foreigners (mostly males) drinking and eating at Tree Town where many of the local bar girls also choose to eat while eyeing up their next customer. 

Shopping at Soi Buakhao Night Market isn’t much to shout about. Cheap market clothes for girls are about as exciting as it gets. 

Location Map

4 – Central Festival Pattaya Beach Night Market 

Definitely the smallest of all the night markets in Pattaya and split into two locations, Central Festival is another popular evening alfresco spot.

Set at both the front and back entrances to Central Festival Mall on Pattaya Beach, this night market is perfect for those wanting to try some tasty Thai street food without having to go far after a tiring afternoon of shopping.

Central Festival Beach Pattaya night market
Central Festival Beach night market at the front of the mall.

The market at the back (Second Road) is more of a table dining setting with stalls serving up a variety of treats from grilled crocodile (yes I said grilled crocodile!) to spicy Thai sausages. 

The front of the mall (Beach Road) has more food stalls during festival weekends but every night, there will always be a selection of stalls whisking up items such as Thai pancakes, coconut smoothies and even juicy sliced steak! 

Location Map

5 – Pattaya Park Night Market

Now we’re exploring outside of Pattaya city center. Pattaya Park Night Market is found in the expat-popular area of Pratumnak. This market is sometimes mistakenly called Pratumnak Night Market but Pratumnak Night Market is actually a brand new night market on Pratumnak Soi 5.

We’ve not included Pratumnak Night Market on this list as it seems to be struggling to attract customers and doesn’t currently offer many stalls. 

A food stall at Pattaya Park Night Market..

Pattaya Park Night Market is located on Pratumnak Soi 6 on a square plaza-like patch of land. This is the Pattaya night market to come to if you like more restaurant vibes with your night market experience. Most of the stalls here are quite large and with table service. 

The prices are more expensive than any of the other night markets in Pattaya. We’re not quite sure why but we assume it’s because of the table service and lots of fish/seafood on the menus. The Russians seem to love it anyway as it’s also known as the Russian Market. 

Location Map

6 – Jomtien Night Market

Jomtien night markets are on the rise and the OG of them all is the simply-named Jomtien Night Market.  Another popular night market with Jomtien’s Russian residents, this place gets real busy after dark. 

Man buying pizza at Jomtien Night Market
Picking up a pizza slice at Jomtien Night Market.

We can see why because Jomtien Night Market has a great selection of food stalls and a huge seating area creating a bar-like atmosphere that encourages you to stay a while after dinner and enjoy a beer or two. 

Russian food is available here alongside all the usual suspects you’d expect to see at a night market in Thailand. There’s no live music but always a loudspeaker playing pop music and a dance floor the kids seem to enjoy making this night market the best for families. 

Diners at Jomtien Night Market
The large seating area at Jomtien Night Market.

Another perk is the long bar table opposite the beach and a couple of handwash stations to clean off that sticky sauce. 

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Location Map

7 – Yai Mak Market Jomtien

Yai Mak Market, which means The Big Market, is one of Jomtien’s more recent night market additions and the largest of the night markets in Jomtien.

The opening of Yai Mak Market has created a new hub of evening activity in this area on Jomtien Beach and is attracting a string of new cafes, restaurants and bars to open up nearby. It’s also close to Soi Welcome which is already one of Jomtien’s nightlife spots. 

A busy Yai Mak Market
A busy bar and table area at Yai Mak Market

The large size of The Big Market makes this night market feel less crowded, even when it’s busy at weekends.

The front of the market is a courtyard of tables surrounded by a couple of bars, live music stages, and food stalls, but the night market action continues beyond that if you keep walking behind the main courtyard area.

The Big Market Jomtien food stalls and customers.
Many food stalls at The Big Market Jomtien.

The back of the Yai Mak Market offers dozens more food stalls, bars, and live music with plenty of tables scattered between it all. The largest bar right at the back includes another courtyard of tables but currently remains quiet on most evenings. 

Location Map

Other Jomtien Night Markets

While we’ve included only 2 Jomtien night markets here, there are at least another three to enjoy if you want to explore them all! 

Jomtien Night Market with customers.
A busy as always Jomtien Night Market.

They’re almost as large in size and offer dozens of food stalls each but being newer and further South along Jomtien Beach Road, they lack the customer numbers and therefore the buzzy night market atmosphere. 

The way Jomtien is growing, we’re sure these night markets will come to life in a few months but if you’re looking for less crowds with your Pattaya night market experience, then these are the markets to head to right now.  

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